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Castle Phoenix Carriage Tours

Castle Phoenix Carriage Tour

Castle Phoenix Carriage Tours

Castle Phoenix is, arguably, one of the most incredible architectural wonders in Australia. Built solely by two artists, Francis Shepherd and Christina Kent, this Castle has taken ten years to reach this stage. Still under construction, but by no means any less breathtaking, you’ll learn the mesmerising story of how the Castle came to be and the wonders of its design. You will see, and experience, the amazing features of the Castle and explore the beautiful grounds.

Please note this is an exclusive tour. You cannot see Castle Phoenix by any other means than on our tour. The Castle is not open to the public and there are no other tour companies which offer a tour.

Your two hour tour departs from outside the Geeveston Information Centre. Beautiful, whimsical Geeveston, is often known by its alternative name, Rosehaven, as it stars as the fictitious town in the ABC comedy series of the same name. In the heart of the southern Tasmanian countryside, drive the Southern Edge journey to arrive in Geeveston, less than one hour south of Hobart. Geeveston is also the gateway to the Tahune Airwalk and Hartz Mountains National Park.

Your half hour carriage ride through the lush farmlands of the Arve Valley arrives at the Castle where you’ll enjoy some locally sourced refreshments! You’ll be fascinated by the one hour guided tour of the Castle in the making and its Sculpture Gardens. We’ll then return you to Geeveston by carriage. If you’d like to make a stop to purchase some local produce at the roadside stalls, we can certainly oblige.

Whilst in Geeveston, why not enjoy a coffee and treat at Harvest and Light before or after your carriage ride? Your booking confirmation provides you with a two for one coffee and treat offer. Harvest and Light is a gluten free cafe, picklery, and photographic gallery, all rolled into one. Another unique Geeveston experience!

Castle Phoenix carriage tours depart Geeveston Visitor Centre Monday to Thursday by appointment only.

Please wear suitable walking shoes and bring a coat – just in case! Sorry but there are no children under 16 permitted on this tour.

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