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As a responsible company, it is our duty to reduce our environmental footprint and care for our pristine Tasmanian environment.


If you’ve read about our horses on our Teams page, you’ll know that our horses are discards from the racing industry.  Standardbreds (harness racers) are often hard to rehome as they actually pace, rather than trot.  Pacing is where both legs on the same side of the horse are moving in unison – rather like how a camel moves.  It is very hard to ride a horse who paces and they can be difficult to get into a canter and uncomfortable when they do canter.  They’re generally not suitable for showing because of this.  However, as carriage horses, they are exactly what we are looking for.  Not because of the pacing as we can train them to trot rather than pace but they’re very used to harness already so the hardest part of the training is already done for us.

In our own small way, we’re helping to give these ex-pacers a brighter future.  Whilst we can’t rescue them all, we do try to regularly train up new members of our team and then sell them on to riding homes.  Now accustomed to the unusual sights and sounds through their city carriage work, these horses make fantastic mounts for riders who need a calm and reliable horse.


We do our part in recycling too.  Our stables are bedded down with sawdust from the local sawmill.  Normally considered a waste product, it is often burnt to reduce the stockpile.  When we clean our stables, the sawdust mixed with manure makes a great compost and fertiliser.  We use this on our property and also offer it to the local farmers for use on their orchards.  If you’re a local and would also like some compost to grow the best flowers and fruit, please contact us through our Contact Us page.