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Battery Point Jaunts

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Battery Point Jaunts

These tours run for an hour and take in Salamanca Place and the charming streets of historic Battery Point village.  Battery Point is a little known Australian treasure.  Nowhere else in the country will you see such a variety of early colonial architecture preserved so perfectly.  There are impressive stone mansions with expansive gardens right next to tiny workers’ cottages built right on the street.  It’s just like an English village transported to Australia.  Battery Point’s preservation was ensured through the hard work of the Battery Point Progress Association and, today, strict rules govern any development in the area.

On this tour, you’ll be immersed in the atmosphere of 19th Century Hobart and it’s easy to imagine life in Georgian and Victorian times when you ride in our vis-a-vis landau driven by the carriage driver in authentic livery.  You’ll be able to appreciate the beauty of this unique area from a perspective that can’t be reproduced by driving in a car or even walking.  We’ll wind our way through the narrow streets, stopping from time to time to tell you a little more and allowing you the opportunity to take photos or to absorb the atmosphere.

For those chilly days, you can even have a hot chocolate or coffee delivered straight to your carriage to enjoy along the way.  Our driver will give you an informative commentary on the rich history of the area.  

Battery Point tours cost $100.00 per adult with a 2 adult minimum charge.   We do recommend this tour for adults and older children.  Family and group pricing available.

For more information on Battery Point, please go to our Battery Point page

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